Our architectural bureau offers a service to its clients in terms of performing various procedures related to the legalization of the construction and commissioning.
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Czech Architecture Design Services for new Residential construction Bleskové projekty s.r.o.

Since 2007, our company has been operating in the Czech Republic, providing residential architecture design services. We were successful in completing more than 400 house construction, reconstruction, demolition, and reconstruction projects and obtaining building permits for each one. Flexibility, competence, and 15 years of experience are our advantages. We understand Russian, Czech, and English. For your dream house or apartment building, our engineers carry out the individual architecture design and obtain the building permit.

The Czech Republic's permitting procedure is a maze. Although there are too many barriers in this area that are unknowable to the public, many people mistakenly believe that architecture design requires blueprints, AutoCAD, or engineering calculations only. But some regulations can be in contradiction to other because come from different government organization or different infrastructure companies, as an example, your land can be the building plot in the territorial plan, but can be the part of flood retention area or the piece of security zone electric line, so you can't build on this land. Other examples include historical protection zones and nature reserves, where your building's windows and roof must meet specific requirements like sizes, materials, or angles.

We are able to carry out challenging projects thanks to our expertise, experience, and knowledge of the Czech real estate market, building and cadastral law, and building permit regulations. We can assist you in selecting the land or house without causing any unresolved issues and avoiding future issues with construction. We will try to assist you if you send us basic information about your house or land.

If you get the paper from building department or cadastral department with requirement to get the current state of your land or building into compliance with existing papers and floor plans, contact us. Our Architecture design company "Bleskové projekty s.r.o." can resolve the situation, we execute the complete project documentation and agree the project documentation with all necessary state institution (electric company, local water supply and sewerage, fire brigade, impact on the environment etc.) and finally apply for additional building permit.

You have decided to buy an existing house, but without experience, it is difficult to evaluate all the pros and cons, to see hidden risks and potential opportunities. We offer you assistance in assessing the quality of construction and assessing the value of real estate before buying. Having professional knowledge and extensive experience in the construction industry, we will be able to competently assess the quality of construction work and materials, detect critical errors in load-bearing structures, protecting you from buying low-quality construction.

Our architectural bureau offers a service to its clients in terms of performing various procedures related to the legalization of the construction and commissioning. We can assist in this matter, which typically necessitates a significant amount of time and effort on the part of customers to locate the appropriate information and methods for resolving issues.

What else can our company do for you? We are open to any ideas and suggestions. As an example, you are abroad and can't solve your tasks remotely, contact us, and we will try to help you.

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